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Keda has helped me become the fittest and healthiest I can be. She motivated me every step of the way and made it easier for me to keep going! 



Keda is great! Sessions were tailored to my goals and I was always reminded what to eat in order to achieve those goals. She also provided me with info explaining why and how the foods she recommended would help me reach my goals. Book keda for your individualized trainings!!

- @chetouchmassage


My experience training one on one with Keda and Tight Grip Fitness has been nothing short of amazing. She's cares about the mental health as well as the physical health of her clients. The program is designed just for the journey of that client individually and I really appreciate her patience.

- @asiyah_ceo_


I've been meeting virtually with Keda every week for the past few months, and my time spent with her has been life-changing. I was so nervous to reach out to a personal trainer (especially one I admired on the internet!) but Keda responded to my first email with an abundance of warmth, friendliness, and excitement - all my anxiety about being too inexperienced to exercise disappeared. Her workouts are challenging without being overwhelming, she pushes without ever making you feel that you're falling behind, and she goes through every movement with you step by step. I never thought I'd look forward to a weekly workout but Keda can make you feel EXCITED to exercise, and for the first time in years I'm feeling strong, energized, and motivated to keep moving! 

- @larouxvintage


Whether you need a accountability partner to workout, a trainer or motivation my girl Tight grip got you. She's a dedicated person to help you reach your goals, to a healthier you. If you're injured or fit she s their with a smile, a routine and or a meal plan if you need help with one. 

I've been working out for a few weeks now and I'm starting to feel better. I noticed I have more energy and endurance. I appreciate her dedication. When I feel like I can't do it she has a substitute. When I'm trying to get out of it she's there to hold me accountably and help me reach my goals. Thank you 



Thad you for inspiring me to Wad to work out again. What I love about TGF is your personality and spirit that you bring to working out. It makes it enjoyable and full. I also like that you actually work out with me. So there's no pressure of someoue just watching me. I'm just working out with my friend and it makes the competitive juices flowing

- @jazz_gutz


Working out with TGF, has been amazing adjust what I needed to get my extra boost to start 2021 off! 

After a few weeks I noticed how much energy I gained and how my overall mood improved. The thing I enjoyed most is how Neda was always ready to work no matter what time or time zone, her eagerness to see me grow help me to keep going and push through. 

- @brinvsme