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Tight Grip Fitness was established in 2020 by Certified Trainer Makeda Thompson (Keda). Keda has a background in basketball, volleyball, and track and field. She has always been active and enjoyed pushing herself in terms of physical fitness. 

Nutrition became important to her after a long childhood of being overweight and developing health complications. After the passing of her grandmother (the woman who raised her), she vowed to return home (Northern California) with a new attitude toward food. 

Keda's mission started with helping her family lead a healthier lifestyle to her knowing the significance of nutrition and fitness for ALL!

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Keda is a certified personal trainer here to encourage, inspire, AND relieve hard-working people from life's daily stressors through movement and exercise.

Participating in Tight Grip Fitness programs and training, you will need to be FOCUSED with DISCIPLINE, and you will see improvements in POSTURE, ENERGY, MOBILITY, and STRENGTH! "Of course, as your trainer, my first hope for all of my clients is that you reach your optimal fitness goals! I want you all to feel your best and understand that I understand how hard it is to begin, and the challenges of starting over.

My long term goals for you all is you leave with a better sense of yourself: mind, body, and soul." By law, I am not allowed to tell my clients what to eat. Instead, I've provided a variety of meal suggestions, grocery lists, and soon-to-come instructive recipes. 


Basketball (10+ years)

Volleyball (6+ years)

Track and Field (5+ years)

ACE Certified Trainer (2+ years)


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

RedCross CPR Certified

Onnit Functional Mobility Certification (In Progress)

food heals the body

I believe wholeheartedly that food heals the body and when we eat the right things, our minds are better and stronger. Needless to say, I take nutrition very seriously! If you swear you cannot eat vegetables and fresh fruit daily-- this is not for you!

You will see that my meals are created to be fun, full of color, and packed with nutrients. I believe that the average person isn't training to be a bodybuilder or an avid bikini competitor, therefore I enjoy teaching people about intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is an approach that encourages you to be in control.

Along with this concept, I will provide a general food formula and nutrition facts to make it easy for you all to understand what you're eating and why you're eating it!