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Get your grip! Find your flow! Sit into it! Keep it tight!

Whether you're new to fitness, struggle to find motivation, or simply need guidance to set and achieve your fitness goals, Tight Grip Fitness has a solution for you. 

Get your grip on physical fitness and wellbeing with me! I’m a friendly, dedicated, and certified personal trainer. My mission is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through a sustainable, and long-term approach to wellness and healthy nutrition.

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✓ Discover the healing benefits of fitness 

✓ Learn more about healthy nutrition

✓ Track your physical progress

✓ Improve your health and wellbeing

✓ Be guided by a professional coach

✓ Enjoy your workouts!

How It Works

Step 1 - Schedule a consultation

First, we will discuss your goals.

Step 2 - Planning

Together we will create a meal plan designed to aid in your success.

Step 3 - Your Custom Fitness Program

I will create a fitness program based on your needs and timeline.

Step 4 - Get Your Grip!

This is where you go hard and deep to achieve your goals. 


Keep going to see results you’re happy with!

Tight Grip Fitness


Tight Grip Fitness was established in 2020 by Certified Trainer Makeda Thompson (Keda). Keda has a background in basketball, volleyball, and track and field. She has always been active and enjoyed pushing herself in terms of physical fitness. 

Nutrition became important to her after a long childhood of being overweight and developing health complications. After the passing of her grandmother (the woman who raised her), she vowed to return home (Northern California) with a new attitude toward food. 

Keda's mission started with helping her family lead a healthier lifestyle to her knowing the significance of nutrition and fitness for ALL!

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